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Maximize workspace productivity with Macro Micro-Zoning

Maximize workspace productivity with Macro Micro-Zoning

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In the world of corporate interior design, creating a functional and inspiring work environment is crucial. At TDA, we rely on an innovative approach: macro/micro-zoning. This method makes it possible to meet the diversity of employee needs while maximizing the use of space.

What is macro/micro zoning?

Macro-zoning consists of determining the overall distribution of the workspace. This involves defining large areas, such as offices, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, etc.

Micro-zoning, on the other hand, is about optimizing these defined areas. It’s about adjusting the details to meet the specific needs of the employees. This could mean adding extra storage space, comfortable seating, or areas for specific activities.

Why is macro/micro-zoning important?

Every business has unique workspace needs. Some employees might need silence to focus, while others might be more productive in a noisy, collaborative environment. Macro/micro-zoning offers a flexible solution to meet these diverse needs.

How does TDA implement macro/micro-zoning?

At TDA, we believe that every detail counts. We start with macro-zoning, defining large areas based on business needs. Once that’s done, we look at micro-zoning. This is where our creativity really shines.

For example, in an office we could create individual work areas, collaboration areas and rest areas. In individual work areas, we could add things like privacy dividers, laptop stands and smart storage solutions. In collaboration spaces, we could add whiteboards for brainstorming, comfortable seating for long meetings, and even charging points for devices.

The benefits of macro/micro zoning

Macro/micro-zoning has many advantages. It promotes efficient use of space, improves employee productivity and well-being, and creates a pleasant and functional working environment. It also provides flexibility for future changes.

In conclusion

Macro/micro-zoning is an innovative vision for designing workspaces. At TDA, we pride ourselves on taking this approach and seeing the positive results it brings to our clients. If you’re ready to redefine your workspace, contact us to find out how macro/micro-zoning can transform your business.

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